Counselling for Adults

Why have Psychodynamic Counselling? 

Have you ever done something that you wished you hadn’t done or said something that you really didn’t understand why you said it? Do you sometimes repeat the same behaviour over and over again, while not really wanting to? Do you ever have dark thoughts that you don’t understand which you don’t want to have in your head? Sometimes we do, say and think things that we don’t and often can’t understand when thinking through it by ourselves. That’s when counselling can really help.

Counselling offers a safe place to talk in confidence with someone who can offer another perceptive. Having that protected space, where you can think out loud, can be the starting point for change.   Knowing that whatever you say will be contained within the walls where we meet, that your words will be considered in depth, and your feelings will be cared for and held respectfully. No limits are placed on what is appropriate to say, so no matter what you need to talk about, it will be safe and acceptable to say out loud.

As a Psychodynamic Counsellor my work with you will be in helping you look at how your Past may be effecting your Present. By providing a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and emotions, together we can think about what has happened, your reactions to life events and reflect on patterns in your behaviour. I will listen to you reflect on life events, searching for unconscious communications, and help you to explore thoughts and feelings at a deeper level.

I will work with you to help you understand yourself more fully, helping you to find your own path. My aim is to assist you in developing a greater sense of self-awareness and trust in yourself, supporting you in making changes needed to lead a more satisfying and meaningful life. We can’t alter the past, but we can learn to look at things differently, finding a way that causes less pain and confusion.